These are some of the top rated international Spine Surgeons/Clinics I was able to find in my searches online:

Mr. Nick Boeree (My surgeon – UK)

I eventually chose Mr. Boeree, based on both his technical expertise and his personality. He is also one of the kindest and most thorough surgeons I’ve ever met.  From my first phone consultation, to finally shaking his hand, seeing his beaming smile and eventually waking up post-op, I knew I was in exceptional hands.  Thanks for everything, Nick.

Mr. Chris Dare (Nick’s successor – UK)

Dr. Zeegers (Germany/Netherlands) facebook link

Dr. Pablo Clavel (Spain)

Dr. Luiz Pimenta (Brazil)

Texas Back Institue (US)

LA Spine Institute (US)

Dr. Kenneth Pettine (US)

Dr. Ritter-Lang (Germany)

Dr. Bertagnoli (Germany)

Dr. John Regan (US)

Parkway Health (Singapore)

Dr. Carl Lauryssen (US) and his assistant Natalie Bricker

Disclaimer: You will find good and bad outcomes from any of these surgeons/clinics, but they seem to be some of the best in the business of spine surgery(ADR Specifically) as of June 2011.  Remember to do your own research… this list is merely a starting point.

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