Caleo Appointment Booked

It’s taken a month to get my referral and I’ve booked an appointment with my local specialists for April 8th, 2011.   It’s going to cost money too -$150.00- seems a little weird here in Canuckistan to pay for healthcare.  In the time it’s taken them to contact and book me in, I’ve exchanged emails with a number of  leading spine surgeons in Europe.  Interestingly, I could probably have ADR(artificial disc replacement) surgery booked and completed in Spain or the UK before I even get a chance to talk to a Canadian specialist.  Is there something wrong with our system?   Seriously… I have to seek a second opinion because my GP can’t be bothered, and when my trusted sports doctor helps me as much as he can, I have to wait over 3 months for an appointment with a local spine specialist?

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