Wallis Dynamic Stabilization System

I’ve been reading a lot more on this less invasive surgery and it might be worth a try.  I’m not sure if it is applicable for someone with my condition, but it is definitely worth some research.  It is not permanent and considered to be a minor surgery when compared with disc arthoplasty and fusions.  Less complications and no screws!

Some MRI’s even show disc rehydration/repair in some subjects as it offloads work to the pedicles instead of just facets & damaged discs.

Edit: July 12, 2011

I asked Mr. Boeree about the Wallis in person and he indicated that my disc and vertebral changes are too great and he suspects that I would not have as good of an outcome.  He is one of the key investigational sites for the device.  My layman’s interpretation is that my endplates have hardened, are starting to get rough and can no longer pass the nutrients needed to the disc.  I’m past the point of more conservative measures and I really wonder if future stem cell treatments would have even been able to help me.  Sure they could probably rehydrate my disc somewhat, but without a proper flow of nutrients, it would be short lived.

My gear mocks me. 🙁


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