Caleo Follow Up

After a week in sunny So-Cal (tough life, I know), I went to my follow up physio appointment at Caleo.  We went through some new stretching and exercises… and I was informed that I’m a “neutral  patient”.  This means that I no longer do well with any bending and need to maintain a straight spine.  An ideal diagnosis for a goalie!! 🙁

The physio has given me 2-3 weeks to see if we notice any improvement – so I’ll plug through and see where I end up.

I also called the director of the facility and voiced my concerns over my diagnosis.  He said it was important for me to follow up with the triage doctor in a few months and to continue with physio.  When I indicated that I had already spoken with 3 European experts, he offered up the information that we have a fully private, state of the art facility in Vancouver.  I’m not sure if he was hinting that I should contact them sooner than later, but I decided to email them today. (MRI’s in 1-2 days and surgeries can be booked from 2 weeks out – CRAZY) (their triage system)

It can’t hurt to get another opinion while I wait and do my physio.  I’ve also forwarded all of my scans off to Dr. Liuz Pimenta in Brazil.  Given the cacophony of opinions on my spine so far, I want to have at least a consensus of opinions from the most respected spine surgeons worldwide before I proceed with Mr. Boeree.

I’ve also began the process of getting some advice from the Texas Back Institute – they come very highly recommended online.  My health spending account is going to be DRAINED!


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