Great Appointment Today

I had a very informative and engaging appointment with Dr. McMorland (D.C.) at National Spine Care here in Calgary.  I was finally able to sit down with someone well versed in spine care and go through my MRI mm by mm to get some insight into my condition.  Besides Mr. Boeree/Dr. Clavel, Dr. McMorland has been the only person to offer me a glimmer of hope in returning to an active lifestyle.  We’re going to try some traction/manipulation to get some blood and nutrients flowing for the next 4-6 weeks.  He also asked to submit my assessment to some spinal neurosurgeons to get their take on my plight.  Again, surgery is my last resort, but he voiced concern over my leg weakness and numbness. 

Also, Mr. Boeree was bang on about my facets – very little hypertrophic changes.  My biggest issue back there are my short pedicles and the infamous bulge.  I have “chunky” facets, short pedicles and a big bulge… WTF!

If I notice no improvement over the next few weeks, I believe surgery in Europe will be my only recourse.  Even if the local guys agree to take a look at me, it will be a 12-18 month wait for surgery as it is not critical.  I can’t go another year like this, especially while its getting worse.


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