Surgery – Should I Choose it

It will come out of pocket as Alberta Health will not cover the cost. 🙁

If I choose to have an artificial disc implanted, I’m looking at a time frame of July (Pre-baby) or October (Post-baby).  The reasoning being that I should be well enough to help out with the new kid by September.  This doesn’t account for any complications that can arise from such a complex surgery.  Expensive and risky.  Two dates are open in July and any time in October – the ball is in my court.  One happens to be June 29th… My late grandpa’s birthday and a very special day for me.  June 29th.  A sign perhaps?

I’m still plugging away with my physio/chiro and will make a follow up appointment at Caleo this week if I can.  I need to give the triage doc the grills over his assessment of my condition.  8 months of walking and lying on the couch have been pretty boring/painful, and I haven’t seen ANY improvement… :/

I’ve had a couple of acquaintances go for ADR surgery in England over the past few weeks and they seem to have good results so far.  Time will tell.

Hurry up and release your stem cells, Mesoblast!

DEXA scan is scheduled for Friday.


4 thoughts on “Surgery – Should I Choose it

  1. Hi Brett,

    I posted last night, but for some reason it didn’t take. Hmmm. Anyway, shoot me an email so we can find a way to talk. I’ve been through quite a bit and may have some insight for you. I’m in the same boat as you are currently, I think we would be able to help each other.

    Thanks, Kevin

  2. Hi,
    I have very similar issues you have been describing in your site. I too am in calgary and with the glacial speed of long term care it will be some time before the one and only specialist in Calgary who does ADR can see me. Wondering what the cost was approximately to have this done?

  3. Hello! I’d have to go back through some very old documentation to be sure, but I’m pretty sure it ended up coming in around $28k CAD all in (hotels/flights etc). It wasn’t the cheapest to have it done in the UK… there were more and less expensive options elsewhere, but I picked based on surgeon. I’m sure prices have changed since 2011 as well.

    • Appreciate the reply! It sounds your experience in the UK was superb. To bad the surgeon you utilized passed away, I understand their is another surgeon in the same location in his place. Definitely not looking for the cheapest.. but the best would be great.

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