Operation Spitfire is a Go

I just found out that Eastleigh is where the great Supermarine Spitfire hails from.  Anyone that knows me, knows also of my love of aircraft.


Anyway, I’m visiting the bank today to wire my money across the drink.  I depart for London on the 2nd of July and return on the 22nd (executive class – nice!).  I’m terrified, but hopeful this might allow me to get on with my life.


4 thoughts on “Operation Spitfire is a Go

  1. Good Luck Brett! I’ve never met Dr. Boeree, but I Beilieve he is a world class surgeon from all of my research. You are in excellent hands!


  2. Good luck Brett! You are in good hands with Mr.Boeree.
    I am currently in the recuperation/Physio stages following my op (M6-L – L5/S1) with him and glad I made the decision to go for it. I’m sure you will find you have too. By-the-way, I live in the Eastleigh area and just in case you were not aware, there is a small aviation museum in nearby Southampton (see Wicki link – http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solent_Sky) with special focus on the Supermarine aircraft company that might interest you prior to your op if you get the time? (15 – 20 mins from Eastleigh). Safe journey to the U.K. & all the very best!
    Regards, Simon.

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