3 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend

  1. Hi Brett, it was good seeing you this morning. It won’t be long before you feel the benefits of your Op! You’re a smart & positive guy and I’m sure you’ll be back to your active & sporty lifestyle following a steady recuperation period. I’ll raise a glass to you this evening… All the very best to you! Si.
    Ps. I hope your parents enjoyed the visit to the city of Bath in Somerset. Give them my regards.

  2. @Kevin – I’m feeling great and am just taking tylenol for pain. I’ve walked a little more than I was supposed to today and feel fine.

    @Si – Thanks so much for saying hello! My parents are beginning to understand this odd ring of blogs and forums dedicated to back pain and surgeries to fix it. LOL. You look like you’re doing great and keep it up! A drink… I could use some of that very soon. 😉 As for my parents, I haven’t spoken with them yet – hope they’re not lost at Stonehenge!

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