Well, everything was going fine until I had a bit of a setback yesterday afternoon. I was lying down for about 30 mins and got up to grab some stuff out of my car. Nothing strenuous or difficult. As I exited the car, my back decided to spasm. This is the third spasm since the op(two happened on the night of the op). Man did it hurt. I couldn’t find any muscle relaxers, so I jumped into a hot shower as quickly as I could… after spending a good 20 minutes in pain on the floor. Immediately post shower, I cracked a beer and was feeling better shortly thereafter. It’s still a little tight today and I really don’t know what set it off! Stupid backs.

I’ve been off Tylenol for a few weeks now and will probably take some preventatively today.

I’d also like to note, for any of you potential ADR candidates, that I have some odd clicks and feelings in my back every once in a while around what I believe to be the facets.  No pain, just a different feeling.  The clicks scared me at first because they happened more often, but I think it has to do with the joints getting used to their new height and interaction above/below.  The odd feeling and clicks seem to be dissipating as I heal.


3 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. The only 2 times I’ve gotten spasms were when I herniated my disc for the first time and when I reherniated it again. However, the second time, (before we knew it reherniated) my doctor mentioned that it can occur when scar tissue tears free also, which is not a bad thing, it just hurts. And this can happen sometimes as a persons activity level increases and they move in a slightly differently way than they had before. I’m sure it can also happen just as a normal part of healing, there is still probably swelling in there causing things to be a bit out of place as well. In any case, they are not fun, that’s for sure. Hope they don’t come back.

  2. The pain was completely gone the next day for me… I’m guessing it’s like you said. The muscles are re-adjusting to moving differently and they have been jacked up significantly higher than they had been. All it took was me getting out of the car a little differently and BOOM, I was on the ground. They better hurry up and get used to it because I go back to work next week!

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