The End of the Beginning

Tomorrow, I go back to work.  I’m pretty excited.  I’ve already got less pain getting up out of chairs/bed and in/out of cars, than I did pre-op.  It’s going to be a bit hairy for me sitting for so long, but I’ve got a standing workstation I can use with my trusty macbook and I’m bringing in my trusty Jade yoga mat that is made of 1/4″ natural rubber.  I’m going to sneak some lie downs at work when needed… 🙂  The data center should be nice and air-conditioned!

I can’t begin to thank Mr. Boeree and you trail blazers enough for recommending him.


One thought on “The End of the Beginning

  1. The kid was up a few times in the night and 6:30am came mighty early. The day went pretty well and I was careful to make sure I got up every 60 minutes or less to move and had a 20 minute rest on my yoga mat at around 2:00pm. 1 walk in the am and 1 in the pm of roughly 1km. I was quite tired by 3:30pm and headed home an hour early at 4:00pm. I spent about 40 mins lying in bed when I got home and feel better. It wasn’t so much the back pain as achy legs… kind of like when you have a very long day of walking.

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