Week 8

Well, my odd toe feeling and shin aches are tapering off.  They are certainly not as prevalent as the past 2 weeks.

I haven’t heard anything back from Alberta Healthcare yet regarding reimbursement.

The only other symptom of surgery that I might not have reported on previously is in my abdomen.  If I eat and go out for a walk right away, I get a bit of an ache on the left side of my stomach.  It’s totally normal, but is a little more painful than before surgery… and is no doubt a result of the anterior retroperitoneal approach.

My back is still steadily improving and I’m able to work through the Week 6 physio routine I’ve posted at the bottom of the “Post-Op” section.  It is so nice to be able to do push-ups/plank again!  I’m not really supposed to be doing them, but the 1/2 plank was far too easy. 🙂

I’ll take a photo of the scar this weekend and post it.  I’m not sure this bio oil is doing much, but massaging the scar seems to be helping to minimize the hardness underneath.  Mr. Boeree did an excellent job on the incision as far as I can tell.


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