Week 9

I don’t have a lot to report as I’m pretty close to where I was in the 8th week.  Looking after a toddler and newborn is hard work!

I’ve been holding out on the xrays… another 3 weeks isn’t too long.  I really hope everything is healing well in there and staying where it should.

I’m back to almost my full pre-op physio core strengthening program and will post the diagram soon along with my scar at 9 weeks.  I’m also doing some light hamstring stretches now and I can really tell a difference between sides.  I get sciatic pains quite early on the left and both sides seem to cause discomfort deep in my back if I push it at all.  Superman also causes some residual back discomfort after the exercise.  I’m also walking between 3.5 to 4km per day in the evenings with my spaniel.

I seem to be progressing exactly where I should be and I’m really hoping my luck continues!


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