Normal Beer

“…and one normal beer for me because I am normal.” – In Bruges

I had a spinal re-assessment with my physiotherapist today and I’ve been declared “normal” (lol – my wife would beg to differ!).  My ROM far exceeds my original assessment back in April and I’m back to the same ROM as joe citizen.  Now, my goal is to get it back to where it was in 2009, at the height of my yoga practise.  I have plenty of time to do that and will not rush the process, mind you!

I was given a couple more neural flossing exercises and sent on my way.  I’ll continue my core workouts/stretching, but I’m officially done formal PT and only need to return if I have any problems.  So far, so good.

As I was finishing up, I overheard the doctor next to me giving the same spiel to another poor soul about a 2.5 year wait for their surgical referral.  My Canadian appointment is still set for June 2013.  🙁


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