1 Year Update!

Well… it’s been an entire year since surgery! I’m doing quite well. I’ll go for my xrays probably next week, but my back is feeling pretty darned good.

I’ve been getting a little lazy with the core workouts as of late, but I’ve ramped up the ice hockey. I’m back to playing twice a week – a feat I thought impossible as of 2010. I’m still walking vigorously with my dog and doing pretty normal “life” stuff like playing with my 3 year old and 10 month old. It’s actually quite remarkable for me to have gone from “lying on the couch” to this level normalcy. I thank the late Mr. Boeree every day and I’m honoured that he took me on as a patient.

As for the specifics on my back, I’m not completely without pain. A little comes and goes, but I noticed some dramatic improvements in months 8 and 11. The 8 month mark reduced the tightness in extreme flexion and 11 months marked a reduction in my extension (upward dog) pain. It wasn’t anything like the old ache/sharp pains in movement – just a little pinch as I went into extension. I’m guessing both were related to facet movement and ligament stretching. I still get a little “tight” if I sit for extended periods and it also results in some tail bone discomfort – but again, nothing like my pre-op pain. I’m able to finish an entire hockey game with no aches… something I haven’t experienced for years! Now, if I could only get back to my old goals against average! I’ve also been able to fly for work and go on regular family holidays again without worrying about my back. I’m back to taking my regular multivitamin, vitamin d, and “animal flex” with the odd protein shake after any strenuous workout/exercise. Other than that, I’m pretty vanilla.

I’m still VERY careful when lifting and loading my spine, mind you. 😉

I’ll keep the odd update going now and then, but hopefully my back blog will be taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “1 Year Update!

  1. Congrats Bret! I’m pretty much the same as you. Let’s hope these discs last us the rest of our lives. I do a google search for M6 problems every once in a while, and so far I haven’t found anything about the discs failing.

  2. That’s great to hear, Tim! I’m with you on the discs. I’ve read all of the posts on ADR support and worked with Zot to inquire about device longevity, but we haven’t heard anything back. I’ll definitely post if we do.

    Also, I forgot to mention in my post above that I’ve taken it VERY easy in my recovery and didn’t try anything remotely strenuous until around the 9 month mark… a lot like your own recovery, I would think, eh Tim?

    The other lesson I learned last night is that while my back and core are strong once again, the rest of my body might not be at the same level. I tried to do the splits last night for a glove save and pulled my groin. Hopefully, I won’t need a groin replacement. LOL

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