Core Shorts Are Great!

I’ve used them a couple of times.  For sure less strain in my hips/groin/lower back while playing hockey.  I’m giving them 2 thumbs up.

I ended up ordering 1 size larger than normal because they fit so tight.  The shot below is the exact model I purchased.


One thought on “Core Shorts Are Great!

  1. Hey there. My name is Brian Cooper and I’ve following your blog and Tim’s blog for about 11 months. Great to see you’ve made so much progress. I live down in Sunny South Africa and am an avid sportman, well I was till I herniated L5/S1, a couple of years ago. Sonce then it’s been a living hell. Your blog has been a huge inspiration! i would love to chat to you more over email but only if you’re ok with that. My email address is (I’m also in IT 🙂 ). Hope to hear from you soon. Rgds Brian

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