Golf = OK

Well, I made it out for my first real round of golf this week.  2 to be precise.  I lucked into a once-in-a-lifetime business trip to Pebble Beach and Pelican Hill.  We flew on a private jet!  I’m so unbelievably fortunate to have been able to participate… and wouldn’t have been able to think about a trip like this back in 2010.  I’m still in awe and my back didn’t even flinch.

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4 thoughts on “Golf = OK

  1. Brett, I still follow your blog. I am so glad to hear that life continues to be great post-adr. That is fantastic about your golf trip. I hope you and the family are enjoying your new house. I have started playing tennis again. I also played my first best of three sets doubles match yesterday for club championships. We lost 7-5,6-1. My fitness is lacking but my personal trainer has that covered and we’ll continue to build it up. No pain just stiffness and lack of endurance/ran out of steam at the end of the first set. Haha.. Fitness…It is a good problem to have though…. 🙂 All the best Brett.

  2. Sorry TennisKid… just saw your comment!

    It’s great to hear that you’re back to the tennis! It took me quite a while to build up my fitness as well after being out of the game for so long. Good luck!

  3. Im glad your golfing went well. It did not work out so well for pro golfer Reitief Goosen, who withdrew from this year’s PGA tour b/c of complications associated with his M6-L implant. The most detail I could find out web-surfing was that he bruised a facet joint, but it was at the level of the implant so………

    Golfing is hard even on “good” backs. Do take care, thanks for sharing, and best of luck to you.


    • Hi Ray,

      I did some googling after you posted this and it sounds like a temporary setback and he’s taking 4-6 weeks off? I’ll keep an eye out for him in the news.

      Thanks for the post!

      So far so good. 🙂



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