Updates (Stems and Collagen)

I started protien shakes and glutemine supplments before bed 3 nights ago and have been taking it easy.  Pain is down when sitting, but bending over still really hurts.  I’ve contacted Douglas Labs to see what they have to say about their porcine DIY stem cells…It’s a little pricey to try on a whim.

As I perused the message boards today over lunch, I found another product of interest.  Genacol. It is a collagen supplement that in theory, helps to rebuild cartilage.  Discs are basically cartilage with a jelly doughnut in the middle… maybe this could help?  I’ve fired an email salvo in Genacol’s direction and we’ll find out.

Here is the link I found in reference to Genacol.   From a site called Rebuild Your Back… It looks like the author has a book for sale, but his site has some pretty good content.  I’m going to try and pick up his book and I’ll report back.  There’s nothing better to do while I wait for the spine peeps in Cowtown and await the responses from the chorus of surgeons I’ve mailed. 😉

I’m working toward a google Phd in back pain! LoL

Still nothing back from the proposed fda clinical trial.

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