Supplement Trifecta Seems to Work a Little

Collagen, Gluscosamine and Omega fatty acid supplements seem to have decreased my pain a little.  I can sit comfortably for a little longer without the need for anti inflammatories.   Bending, twisting and lying in bed still ache.  I’m hoping things will get better over time, though I know deep down my disc is probably doomed and will never repair/regenerate/rehydrate.   I’m giving it the old college try, though!

The Rebuild Yor Back excercises are very close to my Ashtanga Yoga practice already… and I’ve had to stop yoga due to the pain.   Hopefully my supplement program will get me to a spot where I can start doing some light yoga again to mobilize/decompress the spine and encourage the transfer or nutrients to my L4-5.  This is one hell of a slow process as I enter my sixth month.

No word back from any of the surgeons or the fda clinical trial.

A return to sport seems to be a LONG way off at this point.

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