Universal Animal Flex

I  finally got my hands on one of the most highly regarded joint/cartilage support supplements available on the market:

Universal Animal Flex. Essentially, it’s got all of the things I have listed in my program (except the collagen) rolled into a single daily serving – with a few additions.   I will begin the supplementation tomorrow.









My phone consultation with Dr.  Boeree (UK) is booked for Monday afternoon.  I’ve heard great things about him and it will be nice to speak with an expert on ADR.  If it comes down to disc arthroplasty, he is the front runner, followed closely by Dr. Clavel (Spain).

I have yet to speak with anyone in Germany or my local specialists.

I’ve heard back from the fda clinical stem cell trial – I haven’t been ruled out yet, but it is not looking very promising due to my foraminal stenosis.  It is ironic though as I have learned the stenosis is a result of both disc space narrowing and the resulting facet overload that is inflaming and thickening the ligaments – causing the stenosis.  One could postulate that an increase in disc height/health should relieve both the facet overload and stenosis.   But I’m just an IT manager… what do I know.

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