Gluco, Chondro & Collagen

Since switching over to the Animal flex in combination with the Collagen, I’ve noiced a difference in my fingernails of all places!  They are growing like crazy and are shiny and strong.  WTF!

I may have stumbled on a “secret” formula for ladies fingernails! 🙂

The inflamation seems to have gone down with the natural anti inflammatories in the Animal Flex and I’m having far less espisodes of tingles… still not much radicular pain, though that hasn’t been a problem since I first injured my back in the early 2000’s.

The pain is still centered in my back and I really feel it with any forward or backward flexion instantly.  I’m trying ot keep the the back as mobile as possible to encourage nutrient exchanges and still do the spinal stretch every night before bed.

Normally, I’d be walking like crazy outside, but our Calgary winter this year has been less than appealing.  It’s below -20 almost every day and it is far too miserable to go for walks… not to mention the hazardous ice patches I have to avoid like the plague.  I’ll stick to my yoga postures until the temp goes up a bit.

I’m still terrified of surgery and I don’t see that subsiding any time soon after an email from Stephanie.  The films say it all… 🙁  Good read for any prospective ADR patient.

I’m still hoping I succeed as a candidate for the stem cells.


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