Mr. Boeree Follow Up

I just exchanged some follow up emails with Mr. Boeree and he has adressed each and every one of my concerns.

1) He uses and occlusion barrier between the vessels and surgery to make a revision safer, if it is ever needed.

2) Infections are unusual but you can take prophylactic antibiotics if worried – very low risk.

3) Nerve injury is a risk, but it is predominantly related to surgical experience and careful technique.

4) Friction based prosthetics like the Prodisc will generally wear more than an M6-L – though no one has any long term data to back it up.

5) My pain appears to be related to the disc itself along with referred muscle/joint pain

6) Success is in the eye of the beholder.  He indicated that no one entering surgery can expect a “cure” and you’ll be disapointed if you do.  This is to reduce symptoms only and I’ll probably have residual symptoms (though not as bad).  ADR surgeries tend to have a higher satisfaction rates than their fusion counterparts.  Specifically, I’ll “have very good chance of a good outcome”.  He chooses his words well. 🙂  Also, he is true to his principles and would not recommend a surgery if unwarranted or too risky.

7) Hockey, and skiing should be alright by about 4 months… though he didn’t know enough about Ashtanga Yoga to make an informed decision.

Some big decisions ahead, for sure.  I will also add that Mr. Boeree is one of the most thorough and attentive doctors I’ve ever spoken with and I’m very confident in his abilities.

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