Vegas – Wednesday to Friday

We’ll see how my back reacts to Vegas for a couple of days.  It’s going to be a nice break from the cold, but I’m worried about walking, moving around a lot, sitting and drinking.  I’ve pre-emptively began the NSAID’s today in hopes that they stave off my back getting mad at me.

The past few days have been tough – I’ve controlled the pain as much as I can with excercises, walking and supplements, but my right big toe decided to go numb two days ago.  The feeling is back today… but I really hope I’m not doing any permanent damage.  I’m almost to the point where I want to just bite the bullet and get the ADR done so I don’t damage my L5 nerve roots.

I emailed a number of people from Canada that made the trip to Stenum for ADR – not one of them regrets the experience and they’re all doing much better than they were before.  It’s pricey and it sounds like there is no chance of reimbursement, but you can write it off on your taxes.  Kick ass(sarcasm).

Still nothing from the FDA clinical trial.

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