Vegas a Success

Well, kind of.  I stayed away from anything that might strain my back further.  The dune buggies looked like so much fun!  Too bad.  I must have seemed like a zombie to my coworkers though, while they danced and had fun and I sat there hopped up on pain killers and NSAID’s.

The NSAID’s have helped me to sleep a little better, but my old friend, back pain, is still here.

I’m waiting for my appointment here in Calgary, but I’m worried they’ll tell me to do nothing or more physio until my nerve roots are totally compromised and I have to get a fusion.  Not on my watch!

Discectomies, laminectomies and the like do nothing to treat the real issue… and will make more problems down the road from everything I’ve read.  Cutting pieces of the disc off will just make it weaker and I don’t want a full herniation in my future.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the disc either needs to be repaired or replaced.  This has to be done sooner than later to prevent nerve root damage and degeneration at adjacent levels.

2 weeks until Caleo, nothing back from the FDA trial and I can book a surgery 4 weeks out with Mr. Boeree in a worst case scenario.  The flight to the UK will be another story.

The supplements I’m taking have helped a little – I don’t have as much pain getting up and down.  The question is, which one is actually helping?!  🙂  The NSAID’s are far superior for killing the pain mind you… but they also kill my stomach.


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