CALEO Follow-Up Booked

I called CALEO to book my post-surgery follow-up and inquire about my consultation with Dr. Bouchard.  My appointment with the surgeon is set for June, 2013.  Seriously.  It will be a 2 year wait to see the surgeon in Calgary for a potential disc replacement.  There is no way my facets will be able to tough that out… so that would probably mean a fusion in 2 years.  I realize that it is by no means life threatening, but 2 years is crazy.  I thought maybe 2 years for a surgery with a consultation at some point in between.  Nope.  2 years to talk to the guy, then maybe a procedure a few months afterward to help me with my increasingly achy legs and shitty back.  I think we might need some reform in the Canadian healthcare system for non-life threatening joint replacements.  At least in Alberta anyway.  Technically it’s 2 years plus eight months, as it took 8 months to get the referral in the first place.  I’ll be writing a letter to my MP.

I booked my surgical follow up with Dr. Meerholz on August 10th, 2011.  That will be roughly 6 weeks post op.  I believe I’ve absolutely made the correct decision at this point.  I am a surgical case and conservative care is just expediting the deterioration of my back.  I simply can’t wait for Canada to catch up to me nor can I really afford to do this right now…. but I can’t afford not to do it more. 🙁

I go in on Thursday to request my MRSA and MSU tests from my GP.  This will be an interesting visit as I haven’t seen him since last October when he told me to suck it up.  I’ve got 9 opinions contrary to that.

What is taking so long with the simple, injectable, biological repair products!?


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