Odd Meeting With My GP

I was terrified to go in and see him, because I circumvented him to get the MRI scheduled last year.  I walked in and apprehensively waited for the meeting and inevitable scolding I thought I’d receive.  He walked in with his usual demeanor and I went through the course of events that had led me back into his office to sort out my pre-op MSRA and MSU tests.   Before I was able to finish, he interrupted me and said I need to look into Singapore before I make any decisions on Europe.  WTF!  He said they are probably the best on earth (next to the French) and that he can provide me with some contact details of someone that can help.  We’ve come full circle from a grumpy doc telling me that I want to avoid back surgery at all cost, to admitting the shortcomings of our own system and pointing me in the direction of someone that can help me out in Singapore!  He was also genuinely happy that he could help… and shook his head at our two year waiting list.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we have great doctors in Canada, but it seems like they are being held back and discouraged by what is actually possible.  We do great for life-threatening conditions, but something like debilitating back pain will never, ever be a priority.

I’m not sure how to break the news to him that I’ve picked my surgeon and really like him – but I think I’ll have to run through the Singapore motions just in case.

I’ve got until 2 weeks pre-op to get the results to Nuffield Health.


One thought on “Odd Meeting With My GP

  1. Hey Brett,

    Interesting appointment. I think you finally broke through your doctor’s protective exterior and are now dealing with a real person, not just a doctor. I am interested in the Singapore connections he suggested. I saw a report on 60 minutes about medical tourism. I am finding out that it is not all that uncommon. The US healthcare business model is going to get a wakeup call in the form of insurance companies allowing patients to go overseas for treatment in the future. They are already starting “pilot programs” to see how it will save them money. US healthcare is WAYYYYY overpriced as you will see in the video and other international patients complain of wait times being tooo long.


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