I’m Here

Made it to the pub(Devonshire Arms) in time for Sunday roast… reminded me of Sunday dinners at my Grandma’s house!  The Yorkshire pudding was excellent.  The Wimbledon final rocked too.  I was hoping for Nadal!  Too bad.

My back wasn’t as bad as I had feared – the Naproxens worked their magic again… pretty tight today though.  T minus 9 days.

I’ll hit up Rock and Sole for some legit fish and chips tonight.


2 thoughts on “I’m Here

  1. Earlier in your blog you mentioned your concern with the reconstruction of the anterior longitudinal ligament. I too have this concern and found this link to a study in which they reconstruct the ligament. http://www.isass.org/pdf/sas11/4-Friday/Plenary%20-%20Lumbar%20Therapies/463.pdf
    Reconstruction may be better than simply suturing the ligament back together. It seems no different than repairing a ligament in the knee, but I am not sure as I am no doctor. This may be a question to ask your doctor. If you do ask him I would like the know his answer, and I’m sure there are others who would really appreciate an answer to this question. Thanks and good luck!!!

  2. Great to know, and I’ll ask Mr. Boeree about it!

    He did alleviate a lot of my concern originally after explaining to me how the M6 actually functions. The older generation devices offer no graded resistance during, twisting, bending, flexion and extension. The M6-L takes this over and really make the ALL at that level redundant. Mr. Boeree doesn’t think the division of the ALL is much of an issue when an M6 is used. I still don’t understand how the PLL remains intact with the removal of the old annulus. Both the PLL and ALL are attached to the damaged disc, so in theory, they must have to leave some of the annulus behind to keep the PLL functional.

    Having said that, the disc offered by Dr. Pimenta in Brazil solves the issue through a lateral installation. If you really want to keep the ALL intact, look into Dr. Pimenta and the Extreme lateral disc replacement.

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