Ok So Far

Well… I didn’t go under until about 12:30pm. Talk about torture and second guessing while waiting in my room! I haven’t spoken with Mr. Boeree yet, but everything seems to progressing right now. I had some small belly rumbles, so I hope it is a good sign. The ward sister granted me a couple of ice cubes anyway! Lol. Need to fart to ensure I am on the right track. Ha. No shit. That is the anterior approach benchmark.

Typing on my phone sucks.

Pain around the incision hurts when I move, but is not debilitating. Back pain seems to feel like my normal pain when I lay down for too long. I’m unsure as to my pain killers right now, but I know I haven’t needed morphine yet. As long as I don’t move! 😉

All in all I feel pretty good for being a few hours out of lumbar ADR.



2 thoughts on “Ok So Far

  1. Hi Brett!

    Glad to see you on the other side and that the surgery went well without any problems. Dr. Boeree is awsome, isn’t he? Post when you can and take it easy. Here’s to your new, better lower spine, cheers!


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