Last Night Was Rough

The real pain kicked in at about 1:30am. Ouch. I knew it would hurt, but not that much! I had spoken with enough patients to know the first 24-48 hours can be hell. The paracetomol(spelling?) has helped a lot. It was more of a muscle pain… Maybe a spasm. It’s happened twice now and isn’t much fun. I don’t know how some people say they just have incision pain afterward. Very lucky people!

I finally spoke with Mr Boeree this am. My disc had shrunk even smaller than the MRI indicated and was very damaged. I ended up with a large M6 at 10mm height and 6 degree lordosis. He was very happy to show me his great placement on the films from the operating theatre! 😉

All I can tell you right now is that I’m very glad to feel my big toes again!

One more thing. Top Gear is awesome. I could watch it all day long! (and probably will) Laughing is tough on the incision!

2 thoughts on “Last Night Was Rough

  1. By the the time this gets posted, you should be sleeping like a baby. Lets hope. Glad to see you were out of bed today. Absolutely amazing! We are praying for a quick and complete recovery.

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