Back In London

It’s hard to believe it was only 7 days ago that I walked into that operating theatre… but here I am back in London.  The car ride took just over an hour from Southampton to the Sheraton Park Lane.  I even pre-empted the trip with some codine.  But, my back really, really hurt.  I’ve been in bed for the most part since we got here.  Little walks, lots of rest.

I’m dreading the 9 hour flight on Friday!


3 thoughts on “Back In London

  1. Hey Brett,

    I think getting done with that car ride is a big deal. Just curious, did you rent a car or take a taxi back to London? Also, did you lay down in the car or were you sitting up the entire time?

    I think I’m most apprehensive about the long car ride back to Heathrow and then the wait until I get on the plane. I’ll be doing it all in one day, but 11 days post op.

    Hope things keep improving for you.


  2. Hey Tim,

    We had a car rental while in the Eastleigh area and hired a car/driver for the drive to and from London. I’ve driven in enough foreign countries to know that unless you’re very comfortable driving on your own(especially on the left side of the street), it’s way more stress than it needs to be.

    I wasn’t able to recline – ended up being close to 1.5 hours in the same position. Ugh! I’m sure you’ll be fine at 11 days.

    I will probably just take a taxi from the hotel to the airport. The taxi drivers in London are the best in the world!

    Those google map coordinates and address are for you in the last post. Our garmin GPS couldn’t find the hospital. 😉


  3. Yeah, we will be hiring a car/driver for the drive to and from london and then just taking taxis while in Eastleigh. I saw those coordinates and made a note of them in the google map I am building for my trip. Thanks!

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