Day 6 – Improving a Little Each Day

It’s crazy how your body responds to a surgery like this. The swelling on my stomach is finally starting to subside a little and my walking stride is getting longer… it’s much easier to walk today than it was the day I was discharged. I’m up to walking about 60 minutes total per day in 15 minute increments with as many stairs as I can fit in without pushing it. I would say I’m about 3/4 of my old walking speed pre-surgery.

That’s all you can really do post surgery – no bending, twisting, flexion or extension. Just walk, sit, lie down. Repeat. I seem to have worked into a 2 hour cycle. I’m also napping every time I feel like my body needs one.

I had my first hydrotherapy class today and have my final class tomorrow morning at 9:30am. It’s great being weightless in that water! Your back feels completely different as soon as you enter. The only weird thing upon entering the water was that I could sense an almost “phantom” numbness in my big toe that went away as soon as I got out. It wasn’t even really numb – just different. Very weird! Nerves heal in funny ways.

I also worked up enough courage to pop in the car and head out to the Chilworth Arms with my parents tonight. I even managed to dress up a bit(jeans and all – LOL). I had to get up 4 times for a walk during the meal, but it was nice to be out among people again – if even for just a short time! I finished about 1/2 my glass of Peroni as well. It’s too bad I wasted my first beer back on a Peroni. 🙂

For any of you thinking of making the trip out here – the Chilworth seems to be the best eats around and its not too $$. I would also not stay at the Hilton again. The staff are great, but the food is sub par and expensive. They also have abnormally low sinks that drove me bonkers because I can’t bend yet! I’ve heard good things about the Holiday Inn in Eastleigh… though I would probably rather have stayed in Winchester. It seems to be the most scenic city around. My parents scouted the area pretty well while I was in hospital! 😉

Also, Bath is a good 2.5 hours away and Stonehenge is on the way there. The UK back surgery route can be “true” medical tourism!

Here are the Google Map coordinates for the Spine Clinic at Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital. It took us a little while to find it the first time.

We head back to London tomorrow for a couple more days before I fly back to Calgary. I’ll be letting Air Canada know beforehand that I’d like a wheelchair and assistance upon arrival at the airport. It can take up to an hour to wait if you don’t let them know until you’re there. Thanks Duane!

My only regret so far is missing out on the Spitfire Museum. 🙁 I suppose I’ll have to visit Southampton and Mr. Boeree on my next business trip to London!

Wow… I should never have had that coffee after dinner.


4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Improving a Little Each Day

  1. Way to go Brett! Sounds like you are pushing yourself just enough. This whole process took a lot of guts. Next time we see you, you will probably be on the slopes.

  2. Hi Brett, good to hear you are doing well. Keep it up!
    Just a tip: One thing I noticed, you’ll get to the stage between weeks 5-6 where you “feel” like everything’s jelling into place as you get stronger, more mobile & better flexibility. I remember getting this positive outlook for the future. Your confidence rises and you naturally start doing more “normal” everyday things. As this progresses through weeks 7-10, although this may sound strange, you can tend to, somehow, forget you’ve had surgery & may overdo things and you’ll get this sharp reminder that it’s still early days!! I remember my 10yr old daughter made a cheeky quip & I instinctly chased her up the stairs for fun, but by the third step I wish I hadn’t!! Easy as you go Brett! It DOES get better each day!

  3. Great to know, thanks Si. I caught myself before it was too late last night almost crawling into bed the “old” way. I think I would have paid for it dearly! 🙂

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