Recovery Day 11

I’m up to 80 minutes of walking per day (4 x 20 Minutes) with lots of rest and help from my wife and her parents. Pain is settling down and I’m just taking tylenol and codeine as needed – usually around lunch and before bed. I’ll be making my first physio appointment back in Calgary tomorrow morning and will bring this document in for them to see… Thanks Hooch.

My current pain seems to be a dull ache around the L4-5 level, but it feels more muscle related. I’ve also got some kind of ligament pain in my sacro joint that alternates sides, which I believe is related to the increased disc height/distraction. Other than that, I get the odd facet tweak when leaning/bending gently. All of the pain seems to subside when I rest in bed with a single pillow. The tylenol helps too! Sneezing hurts like hell.

Staples are out.

Something very odd happened last night. My wife and I were getting ready to head out for my last walk of the evening. We couldn’t find our dog’s leash and spent a few extra seconds looking for it… when BANG! A crane rounded the corner close to our house and lost control of its boom. It literally took out the street light right in front of our place and a tree two houses down. We were almost right in front of it when it happened! Thank god for our dog. Somehow it didn’t hit any cars or people and needless to say, it probably would have screwed up my back a LITTLE more! 😉

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