2 Weeks

It’s now 2 weeks ago that I went under the knife. I’m still right around the same discomfort levels I’ve been at since Sunday. Yesterday hurt a little more I think because I tried to sleep on my side a couple of times in the night. My back didn’t like that very much. 🙁 I ended up taking some more tylenol (2000 MG total) to help.

I also contacted Mr. Boeree and confirmed that he still wants me taking Naproxen for the first few weeks post op to hinder HO. This stuff is murdering my stomach, but HO would be worse if it ever happened I’m guessing.

Of note to any of you in North America – hydrotherapy seems to mean something completely different in Calgary… I decided to look up aquatherapy and found some centres close to my house.

I’m heading in to see my spine specialist physios today to have an assessment done. I’ve got all of my discharge docs from the Spine Clinic and my scans and we’ll hopefully be able to hammer out a gentle program to start up next week. I wasn’t expecting this, but it would appear that for us Canucks, our first 7 physio sessions are covered by our provincial healthcare system post-op. It’s not much, but I won’t have to pay out of pocket at least. I completely drained my extended physio benefits this year with my desperate attempts at physio and chiro for 9 months pre-surgery.

From the insurance side of things, I submitted my application for STD just before I departed for London and got word yesterday that all was approved. As it stands now, I’ll be looking to resume part time work on the 15th of August and a return to full time on the 29th. This all depends on how I recover and I do not want to push anything that might screw my back up. My job is highly sedentary (IT Manager), so part time in front of a computer shouldn’t be too big of a deal if my recovery goes decently. I had also rigged up a standing workstation pre-surgery, so I won’t have to sit the entire time. Fingers are crossed, but as always, one has to be prepared for setbacks.

I’m still walking 4 x 20 minutes per day and won’t be upping my speed or distance for the foreseeable future. Thanks Si for all of your information on the hydro side of things… it will come in handy when speaking with my local peeps.

@Tim – good luck! T-minus two days for your flight. 🙂

Sneezing continues to be the Bain of my existence. I feel like my spine is going to pop out each time it happens and I’m never quick enough to stop it! Pointers from any of you veterans?



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