Recovery Day 17

Everything thing seems to be moving according to plan. I went in to speak with my physiotherapist on recovery day 13 and checked out our Canuck protocols on ADR. We sure don’t do as many as Europe! One of his clients is back to playing competitive soccer post ADR, so that’s promising. In Canada, they try to get people up and running in physio between 2 and 4 weeks. I’m ok with some light physio, but I do not want to do anything that will aggravate my back/belly. I tried some of his gentle core work and it hurt my belly – so, I’ve opted to wait another week or two before I try anything again. Walking is it for the near future.

I’ve contacted our local hydrotherapy pool and should be able to setup a session next week for some gentle exercise.

I had another little setback when a bee flew into my head and startled me… just like the elevator incident. Again, I flinched, arched back slightly and had some pain shoot down my left leg. A couple days of sore shins, sore sacro and throbbing in my left foot followed, but have since subsided. You can take it VERY easy, but you cannot defeat your own reflexes!

My discomfort hasn’t changed much in the past few days, but my recovery time is getting quicker. Where I used to have to lay in bed for 40 minutes after getting sore, it’s only taking about 20 minutes now to feel comfortable again. I’ll take that as some progress. I also haven’t had to take any pain killers for a few days.

The biggest problem for me right now has been the NSAIDs. I stopped taking them after the last post, though Mr. Boeree wanted me to keep them for a few weeks… but to quit if I had any nasty side effects. My stomach is still a mess. 🙁 I need to try a different type from Naproxen if I’m ever going to take these things again.

All in all, I’m lucky that everything is going ok and I’m crossing my fingers that it continues.

We went down to the beach today and had a great time. However, I spent 60% of the time lying on the grass, resting, after the walk to get there! Dog and kid water party. 🙂 I’ve also been very lucky so far to have had my parents with me in the UK, a very understanding (and very pregnant) wife waiting for me at home and her parents to help us out around the house for the past week. Next week is going to be interesting on our own!

2 thoughts on “Recovery Day 17

    • Not bad at all! I’ve been off the pain killers and NSAIDs for a few days and my back feels a little better each day. I’m also not having to lie down as often or for as long when my back gets “tight”. So far so good, but I’m trying to prepare for any little setbacks along the way. Thanks, Si.

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