Day 24

Our Sunday morning walk was great today and I had no ill effect from pushing the distance a little. I did 4.5 km just this morning, so I’ll go over my 6km mark today and my back feels nice and strong. My pain level is still very low and spikes only when I sit/stand for too long. By spike, maybe a 2 out of 10. After 20-40 minutes lying down, I’m good to go again.

The pain when it spikes is not around L4/5 either, I will note. It happens in the muscles/ligaments slightly lower and to the sides of my spine… as well as around the sacro joint. I’m guessing these “distraction” pains will subside with time.

I’ve driven a few times now without any issue too. I’m going to limit the drives to short distances so I’m not sitting for too long just to be safe, but the act of driving is not strenuous at all.

I’m also feeling stronger and more confident as the abdominal pain/swelling from the OP dissipates. It’s almost completely gone now and I’m able to flex more core muscles properly for stabilization exercise. The months of core work pre-op are paying off now and I can’t wait to start some gentle yoga again when the bone is fully integrated with the M6.


4 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Hi Brett, I’m coming up for 14 weeks post-Op on Wednesday & I’m doing okay thanks. The only thing that is bothering me at the moment, apart from the aches one would expect from sitting too long, exercising or maybe overdoing things, is the strange feeling in my toes whenever I put weight on them after lying or sitting down. It seems to be my left foot that gets it most & it can only be described as ‘walking on broken glass’?. It does go after a minute or two after walking around, but weird all the same! Naturally, I’m hoping it disappears asap! (not sure if Mike had anything similar?). I’m taking Ibuprofen to help ease any aches etc.
    However, I’m back to work now on a phased/gradual return basis (which helps), but I need to keep up the excersise/physio which tends to drop off because of time restraints 🙁
    I’ll let you know how I get on.
    (…right, after that, …I think I need a beer!) 😉

  2. That’s great, Si. The foot thing sounds like par for the course in ADR surgery. I’ve had some weirdness in both feet after the bee/elevator incidents. It felt like throbbing, running water inside the bottom of my foot! VERY WEIRD and went away about 24 hours afterward. Nerves heal in funny ways.

    I’m rethinking my return to work and will probably take the full 6 weeks off to facilitate more healing. I’m jealous of your phased approach at 14 weeks!

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