4 Weeks

Well, it’s 4 weeks since surgey… only 2 more weeks with these bloody DVT socks on!

I had to drive to my 4 week follow up appointment across town and I’m in slightly more discomfort that I normally am.  I’m going to take a walk and see how I feel afterward.  The seated position for driving seems to be the hardest thing for me to do right now.

My back is progressing as it should be and the spinal doctor loved to see the xrays and information that Mr. Boeree had provided.  6 weeks are important, but 12 weeks is the magic date for bone growth.  He also told me not to attempt sports for at least 6 months and I told him I was going to wait the full year before I try to sneak back onto the ice (if everything goes well).  Some guy in Calgary decided it would be alright to go bull riding at 6 months – needless to say, I don’t think that’s a good idea.  The doc re-iterated that I had done the right thing and that he would have done the same thing my shoes.

Mr. Boeree ok’d my joint supplement as well, so I’ll start taking it today.  Sorry, no photos. 🙁 Boring Update.

I’ve cancelled my return to work next Monday in favour of going back on August 29th.  I need to do some more healing.


3 thoughts on “4 Weeks

  1. Great work on taking it easy. Your decision to go back to work later is very important. I could never see myself working that early!! I started working at 6 months and it was still very difficult.

    I tried jogging at 3 months. I did very well. I tried contact sports at 6. That didn’t go too well. Just remember your back will never be the same, and if something happens to the disc you’re done for. BE CAREFUL.

    Enjoy the pain being gone. There’s no reason why you would need to change that..

  2. Good idea to play it cautiously. Man I wish I was only 2 weeks away from ditching these dvt socks, 5 and a half to go. Hope things keep progressing for you well.

  3. I’m hoping the fact that I’m a lazy computer geek at work will enable me to return sooner than 6 months! I hate jogging, so I probably won’t try that at 3 months… but I don’t think its unreasonable to try a real sport at 1 year. We’ll see how I feel when the time comes. I’ll be getting back into real yoga (unmodified) by 6 months if all goes well.

    I’ll be VERY careful. 🙂

    Tim, these socks really suck, eh?! 😉 I’ve worn holes through one of them from walking so much. I will defeat them.


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