Post-ADR Physio

Found a great interview on ADRSupport, here. I think I’m in the just walk for 0-6 weeks boat… the core exercises still don’t feel right.

I made the right decision on 6 weeks before back to work. I went into work to see the guys today and had a haircut from our in-house hairdresser and I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m not in pain, just tired. It’ll be early to bed tonight. I was out from 2:00 to 4:00pm, so it’s still a long way to go!

It probably didn’t help that my two year old had me up at 5am this morning either.


One thought on “Post-ADR Physio

  1. I hear you. It seems like just being upright, be it sitting or walking, will just wear me out pretty quickly. Think it takes a lot of energy just for healing. I think you made the right call as far as work goes. I think any amount of stress on top of what your body is already dealing with probably wouldn’t be beneficial to the healing process.

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