Week 7

Not a whole lot new to report.  Pain is decreasing weekly and the most significant decrease happened at the end of last week.  I went in for my physio appointment today and was finally granted the ability to do plank, table top, etc.  I’ll be able to start my core stabilization now that the trauma from the surgery is healed up for the most part.  He also recommended gently rubbing vitamin E lotion around the scar on my belly to help break down some of the scar tissue and help with the scar itself.

I still get some pain in my shins when I sit for too long and my right big toe still feels a bit off, but I think it is just nerves healing.  I’ve emailed Mr. Boeree just to be sure and solicit his opinion.  My back feels quite good.  Sitting tolerance is still an hour or so.

My only outstanding question was when I can lift Nora again… 25lbs.  My physio said to wait until 8-10 weeks before I try to lift her.  He said I’m fine lifting 10-15lbs now.  So, another week or two and I’ll be picking up my little girl!  I’m pretty stoked for this milestone.

I got a call back from our hydrotherapy pool finally, but it is during my work hours, weekly and quite frankly, I’m not sure I’m going to need it.  I’m a little disappointed it took this long to get back to me.

My wife is due in 12 days with our little boy.  I’m very excited and really hope I’ll be able to teach him how to ski, skate and shoot a puck when the time comes!

The only other update is that I seem to get tired at work around 3 in the afternoon and have been knocking off an hour early this week and continuing my work tasks later in the evening.  I’m very lucky I have the flexibility at work to do this!


4 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Sounds like things are going great! No news is great news! Best wishes with the new baby.
    Another suggestion: I’m a therapist, and we’ve seen great scar results from simple paper tape (much less expensive than the scar patches). There’s a lot about it on the internet if you want to look it up. Here’s one discussion:

  2. Thanks Joey Sue! I’m not too worried about the scar aesthetically because it looks pretty bad-ass, but the bumps and tissue underneath are quite hard and a little tender. I’d like to get them back down, flush, with the rest of my stomach if possible.

  3. Brett,
    I’ve been following your story closely. I’ve consulted with MR. Boeree over the phone but was hoping I could trade a few emails with you regarding your experience with ADR. I’m considering it as I have a pretty bad herniation and my disc is kind of toast at this point. I know you are probably busy but could you shoot me an email so I can ask you a few questions? tracyry at gmail.com
    Thanks! and hope you are doing well,

  4. Sounds like things keep moving in the right direction. I also get the 3 o’clock energy drain. Congrats on the upcoming kid! Hope all goes well with the birth.

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