Week 11

In weeks 10/11, I have experienced a marked decrease in pain when doing certain physio exercises and sitting down.  I feel as though I could sit for an entire morning or afternoon at work right now, if I had to.  I won’t though… gotta keep moving!

I’ve progressed further on the physio chart to where they expect me to be and I’m doing core work far beyond what I was able to engage in pre-op.  I’m taking it with a grain of salt, but I’m happy to be here!  In terms of the exercises themselves, there isn’t much more they can give me to work on.

Week 10 was the first week I forgot a couple of times that I’m a spine patient.  I think this is a pretty significant mental milestone as I’m almost functioning completely normally as a person again.  I’m by no means “cured” and still have my bad days, but I have short periods where my back feels completely normal.  I’m still avoiding any strenuous work/heavy lifting, but I’m quite optimistic.  I can honestly say that I’m feeling better than I have in over a year.  Again, a grain of salt and I’m prepared for more setbacks when they arise.

I’ll post my new PT routine in “Post -Op”.  I had the 11 week PT appointment today and don’t need to go back for another 6 weeks.

My next update should be later next week when I have my 12-week xrays done and submitted to Mr. Boeree.  I’ll ask him then about the Antibiotics for dental work.

I’m sending positive vibes Jstuckey’s way out in Eastleigh – Good luck today!


2 thoughts on “Week 11

  1. Brett- I’m an orthopedic case manager in the US and per the MDs that I work with re: hip/knee replacements, it is best medical practice to take a weeks worth of antibiotics as a precautionary measure prior to any type of medical treatment, even dentistry. There is always a possibility of an organism entering the body through a nick on the gums when having a cleaning. Of course, see what Mr. Boeree advises, but here in the US, any type of replacement warrants prior administration of the meds.

    I will be going to Barcelona soon for a 3 level M6-L replacement and that is something that I will also be checking on with Dr. Clavel.

    Congrats on the great progress you are making. Hope I do as well.

    Take care,

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