Weeks 12/13

I’m here.  3 months!  I’m feeling pretty good, but reminded often of my limitations if I push a little too hard.  Having said that, it is nothing that a rest or sleep over night won’t fix.  My pain overall is significantly less than pre-op and I haven’t taken any pain killers/NSAIDs in quite some time.  Interestingly, most of my discomfort now seems to come from the SI joint when my back is upset.  I think more stretching and yoga will do wonders for me once I’m cleared to do so.

I’ve been ok’d by Mr. Boeree to start running(treadmill) and up my cardio a bit.  I’ve been using the athlete and military studies as benchmarks and it sounds as though one should be able to push to 75% capacity of cardio by around the 12 week mark.  Actual running outdoors is still a few weeks out.  Too bad I hate running!  I’m very much looking forward to some light yoga in a month or two and will avoid serious twists and bends or up to a year or so.

The 9 week PT routine I posted leaves me a little sore, so I’m still using the older one.  I’m able to go through it without any pain and am still walking every night.  Picking up my kids is a breeze, but I do get some discomfort in forward flexion when putting the kids in the car.  It’s getting easier and is much better than pre-op.

I can both sit and walk for long periods of time now and would call them “unlimited”.

Mr. Boeree on the implant itself from my 12 week xrays:

I was able to look at your 12 week x-rays.  We have them on our system here now.  They really do show excellent appearances, the disc position being maintained beautifully.  It looks nicely bonded now. 

My radiographer in Calgary screwed up the angles a bit and Mr. Boeree was only able to view the position of the implant despite detailed instructions I brought along.  Just a heads up to be very specific in what you need.  I was and they still screwed up!  It isn’t a big deal, but we’ll need to fix it for the 6 month review to get a better look around the implant.

Tim and Mike are espousing the benefits of nerve flossing and retlouping and I’m going to give them a try for my tight hammies.


Nerve Flossing

Congrats to Joey Sue on a successful surgery so far!

Nothing back from my government health insurance on reimbursement… 6 weeks and counting.


3 thoughts on “Weeks 12/13

  1. That is a little bit of a confusing one. I asked Nick before my 12 week review and it probably wasn’t top of mind for him while he was going through the xrays. I followed up with Jo last week and she indicated that Nick said dental work is ok to have and I’ll be covered by the antibiotics from the possibility of bacteraemia infection. I had asked if I should be taking antibiotics as recommended by my dentist…

    I guess that’s a yes? There are a number of threads about it on ADR support, but I’m not sure what the final word is. Perhaps you should ask as well as this seems to be an important issue.

  2. Home in bed – ahhhh. So glad you are doing well. It’s nice to read what is just down the road for me! Dental work… hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the info! Will look at the nerve info too. Always learning! Just getting started with the basics. Will start back up with aquatic therapy next week, after not doing too well with it in England.

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