First Physical Post-ADR

5 Months today!

Just a quick update for December.  I’m doing well and find that the more stretches and activity I do, the less sore/tight my lower back is.  Again, any pain or discomfort that I do feel, is nothing like the pain pre-op.  I’d say right now I’m feeling about 85%.  I’m still being very careful not to push myself too hard and can’t wait until I’m cleared for some real sports.

According to the physical, I’ve gained both a few pounds and an inch!  The pounds make sense with my lowered activity levels, but the 2cm was a neat surprise!  I’m now 172lbs and officially 6’1″.

The core work and walking are boring, but still needed.  Shovelling the walk hasn’t been too much of a challenge either, thank god!  We’ve had a good amount of snow already up here.

Anyway, good luck to all of you who are looking for back answers and Merry Christmas! 🙂

*One more thing – I’ve slipped on the ice a couple of times already this winter… nothing major, just normal slips, no falls.  Last year, I would have had some serious pain in my back and some numbness in my legs/feet afterwards, but nothing of the sort this winter*

**Almost forgot.  2 more things to report – I’m still getting some weird bruisey feelings in my tailbone if I sit for too long and my blood pressure was abnormally high during the physical.  When I left the Dr. Boeree’s care 5 months ago, I was sitting around 119/70 and  my physical this week was 145/85… I had just taken my vitamins and had 2 coffees… but it scared me a little.  I’ve ceased my vitamin/gluco supps for a couple of weeks and will go back to get re-checked**


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