6 thoughts on “Skating With Kid #1

  1. That is great you are skating and you have been cleared as normal for your back so early. I hope you and your fam had a great Christmas and New Year. Sounds like an amazing recovery. I have also had a few feelings of bruised tailbone issues this past week but it isn’t that sore and hasn’t affected any rehab etc. I also think it is just my spine adjusting to the different posture as well, and i also put it to trying to increase my sitting tolerance. Your story has really been inspiring! Keep up the great work :)!

  2. Hi Tenniskid… I hope you’re doing well down under! So far so good… but I’m still taking it pretty easy. I’m only 11 days out from the 6 month mark, and probably won’t try any of my normal sports or yoga for another few months at least. Skating with the kid isn’t too strenuous at all! 😉

    I’m very interested to hear how tennis goes for you when/if you decide to hit the court in good time. Please keep me posted and thanks for reading my blog!


  3. Hi Brett,
    Congrats on getting to the magical six month mark! (at least in the ADR world! ;))Hasn’t time flown by! I am sure that will make you feel pretty good that no complications have arisen and it is just getting stronger and better from no on. Absolutely there is no rush to get into any sports or back to your yoga as that will come when you are ready and stronger. The skating is pretty cool too :)!

    I will definitely keep you posted on the tennis side of things. It is definitely on the agenda this year, but like you, I’ll wait until I’m ready. But I will for sure keep you updated. It is tennis season down here right now with the Aussie Open and all the lead up tournaments, meaning I go to bed later than usual. I hope it is not too cold in your next of the woods.

    Cheers mate.

  4. While not related to this topic, I thought you might find this interesting…

    I was glancing at some of my site statistics, and I found this 🙂

    Referrers for all days ending 2012-01-21 (Summarized)
    All Time
    Referrer Views
    dhwaldron.net 85
    backup.muellhorn.ca 60

    Welcome to the “flip-side” of ADR surgery 🙂


  5. Hi David!

    I tried to email you to ask permission you link you on my blog, but I kept getting NDRs on my gmail… sorry about that. I was pretty stoked to find another IT guy with ADR! 🙂

    Congrats on the new family!



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