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I went through my image discs and found these before and after shots of almost the same angle/section.  Pretty cool to see.  I think my L4-5 disc was shorter on the left side and this explains why Mr. Boeree had some difficulty in his approach from the left-front, squeezing his disc excising instruments into the space.  I think it is also why I feel the most pain and weirdness on my left side around the sacro joint now.  It’s the side adjusting to the biggest change.  There is also a noticeable change in foraminal volume between the two films.

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  1. Okay, I’ve got a question… How come the vertebra above your M6 looks like it is misaligned with the vertebra above it? Did Dr. Boeree talk about that at all?



  2. Hey Kevin,

    I thought so too until I looked at them in high-res side by side. It would appear that the angle of the M6 itself in combination with the black bubble artifacts, make it look more askew than it actually is. If you look at L5-S1, it looks like I’m lying down at a slightly different angle as well. I couldn’t really bend much pre-op and was stuck in a lumbar 2×4… I have more lordosis now. Perhaps that’s also why they look a little different. All I know is Boeree called the device placement perfect. The guy is a hardcore perfectionist.

    The real cool part is when you look at the L4-5 disc from the anterior lip before and after. That is a serious difference in height!


  3. Ah, gotcha. Yes, from everything I understand, Dr. Boeree is quite meticulous about his work and that is what his patients deserve. He’s great! It’s a long journey, but your getting there. Before you know it, you’ll be like Mike, so busy with life again you’ll forget about updating your blog. LOL! That will actually be a great sign that you’re really healed.


  4. I also now see that the vertebras are aligned right. I was looking at it on my cell phone and the shadow on the x-ray covered up the front part of the bone. Sorry, disregard my “question”. Glad you are recovering well. 🙂


  5. It was a little concerning for me to have someone else notice it too! I couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t be in much more pain if it were out of whack… Also on my iPhone. Thank god for my high-res macbook pro! 🙂



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