Mr. Nick Boeree

I just received word that Mr. Boeree was tragically killed in a traffic accident on Wednesday. I’m entirely at a loss for words and feel a deep sadness for his family, friends, colleagues, patients and those who will never have the chance to be helped by this wonderful man.

He was a kind person, an extraordinary surgeon and I considered him a friend.  Thank you for everything Nick, you will be profoundly missed. My thoughts go out to your family during this dark time.

Edit:  Some more tributes for Mr. Boeree and the charity his family has chosen for donations.

Vegas Part II

Well, it’s that time of year again and I made my pilgrimage back to the desert.  This year, I was able to take part in everything that I missed out on last year… pretty exciting.

This included machine guns!  A group of us headed over to Machine Gun Vegas and we ordered the “Call of Duty” package.  I was a little worried about the recoil, but took the plunge anyway due to my love of the video game.

AK-47s, 9mm pistols, MP5s, SCARs, .308 sniper rifles and the M249 – I don’t know what half of these names mean, but the AK-47 hurt my shoulder the most… and didn’t affect my back at all.  I emailed Mike right before and asked him what he thought and he said to stay away from the shotguns.  Sage advice, Mike!

All in all, it was a BIG success this year and I’m still happy at 8 months post-op.  Booze, gambling, shopping, lots of dancing and machine guns and no worse for the wear.  Ahhh, Vegas.

I’m still not feeling as well as I was pre-injury, but I’m probably 95% better than pre-op.