Played A Full Game!

I made it through!  I did 3 short ice sessions to work on my endurance and have upped my walking/yoga regimen at home.  Low and behold, I played a full 1.25 hours last night!  It was a 5-2 loss in the end, but a win for my silly back.  I was definitely aware of my back while playing, though it was not painful.  I’ve still got a lot of work to do on my flexibility as 2 years off the formal yoga mat have taken their toll.

All in all, it was a little tight last night and this morning, but no different than my pre-injury back in 2010.  These lower back muscles/ligaments haven’t been worked/stretched this hard in approximately 2 years.

Zoticos (from adrsupport) and I have contacted the lead Phd in charge of spinal biomechanics at Loyola… who also happens to have run the tests on the M6-L for quality of motion and durability.  We’re eagerly awaiting his response for those of us trying to return to a high level of physical activity and sport post-adr.  I will definitely report back on our findings. 🙂