2 Years Post-Op

I wasn’t sure if I should do another update as everything is going well(knock on wood), but I figured 2 years is another milestone.  My life is hectic and pretty much as normal as any other father of a young family!


I’m still playing hockey multiple times a week, practicing yoga, walking/hiking and ALWAYS working my core.  I’m going to try returning to skiing this winter… a sport I haven’t tried since my original back injury.  I grew up on ski hills, so I hope it will be like riding a bike.  Fingers crossed as I have to teach Nora how to ski this year! 😉

Xrays are ordered and I should have them done for Mr. Dare to view next week.

IMG_20130712_004940.JPGI was getting a sore tailbone for a while if I sat in one position for too long, but that seems to have almost totally subsided as well.  That happened gradually over the past 6 months I think.

Everything feels pretty good in there still.  I can certainly tell when I’ve worked it too hard and need to rest, but I’m pretty sure that is normal.  Nothing else really new to report and I hope you are all doing well!




EDIT: I just heard back from Mr. Dare and I got the all clear on my 2 year x-rays.