7 Years in The Books!

This one kind of snuck up on me! I’m not really sure what to post… my back is hanging in there and I’m able to do the things I need to, within reason. I can definitely over do it sometimes though! Hockey and Yoga are still a big part of my exercise routine and I can keep up with my kids who are now 7 and 9. It’s crazy how time flies. I turned 40 last December and I’m so very grateful for the last 7 years of being able to do stuff. 🙂

If anyone is still reading my blog, I wish you well in your journeys.

I stopped doing xrays at the 5 year mark, but maybe I’ll ask for some next year to see if anything has changed in there. I don’t think i’ll ever stop being paranoid about this ADR in my back!

Here’s a shot from Feb, 2018.  We took another Central Park Classic Championship!